Chakra Journey CD

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This CD is specially designed for massage, yoga, relaxation, and meditation. Each musical track focuses on a Chakra, starting from the Root Chakra “Red” (musical key of C) ascending up to the Crown Chakra “Purple” (musical key of B).


Product Description

Chakra Journey activates, clears, and balances your Chakras, which helps relieve stress, emotional blockages, fears, and pain while expanding your awareness and inducing stability and grounding.
This safe and gentle journey will assist you in relieving emotional blockage, stress, and physical pain while inducing relaxation, clarity, and peace of mind.
Track List:
1. Root Chakra — Stability – Grounding
2. Sacral Chakra — Creation – Sexuality
3. Solar Plexus Chakra — Power – Energy
4. Heart Chakra — Love
5. Throat Chakra — Communication
6. Third Eye Chakra — Intuition
7. Crown Chakra — Understanding
8. Ascension – Balance – Grounding
Total playing time: 60 minutes.


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