In The Om Zone 2.0


This release features a group softly chanting a continuous Om mantra combined with keyboards and other instrumentation–a powerful, user-friendly soundtrack to empower meditation and yoga. The entire album is tuned to the fundamental harmonic frequency of the cosmos.

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According to the ancient Vedic spiritual traditions of India, Om is the eternal, primordial sound in which past, present, and future are included. Om is considered to be the basic sound of creation, from which our world came into existence.

Many people love to chant with others at the end of yoga class, but are uncomfortable chanting alone at home. In the Om Zone provides an instant “yoga class” of backup chanters, giving new meaning to spiritually oriented, good karma karaoke.

In the Om Zone supports listeners in using their voices to send healing frequencies to the body, mind, and spirit.

Soothing sustained voices chant Om in harmonic fifths, creating a continuously flowing soundscape perfect for yoga and meditation. Other highlights include the dynamic world grooves of the Hot Chakra Band, the universal “Om Nama Shivaya” mantra, and a transcendentally chilled version of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

Many listeners experience an immediate and pleasurable “buzz.”

Part I features six meditative tracks with voices and keyboards.

Part II adds world rhythmic grooves to the Om chant.


  1. “In the Om Zone resonates your DNA with the primordial sound of the cosmos.” — New York Yoga

  2. “Sure to appeal to fans of chant superstars like Deva Premal, Krishna Das, and Jai Uttal. In the Om Zone meets the needs of the growing audience who loves to chant as well as listen!” — Leading Edge Review

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