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Now for the first time, Chant Master Jonathan Goldman utilizes his own pioneering sound healing work coupled with Kotodama, an ancient system of sound healing, to create “REIKI CHANTS”. These sounds manifest and encode the energy of the Reiki Symbols for accelerated healing, as well as for deep meditation and relaxation. The sonic resonances created from these sounds are particularly effective for enhancing all manner of healing and are also exceptional for deep relaxation and stress reduction. Plus they are BEAUTIFUL to listen to.

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    “I am so excited and happy about this CD. I was blessed with the honor of creating the graphics, and adding my voice to the production. Each of the chanters invoked the Reiki energy associated with the symbols, visualized each symbol and held the intention that our voice would carry the healing frequency inherent in each symbol to all who listen.

    I feel very humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this project.

    I am deeply grateful to the Reiki energy and all the people involved in bringing the important information and energy of the kotodamas to the Reiki community. This is a powerful, beautiful healing tool born out of much love. It is truly a gift to the world.”

    ~Laurelle Shanti Gaia

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