The Illustrated Guide to Cyrstals


Born deep within the earth, and hardened to transparent, multifaceted beauty, crystals radiate power–the power to heal illness, attract love, release emotional blockages, and give protection from negative energies. Never before has there been such a wide range of gems available, and in this lavishly illustrated guide is all the information needed to choose, cleanse, and program these gifts of nature.


Product Description

Along with a colorful crystal directory and an explanation of the different types, see how to use your own special stone to find a soul mate, and improve relationships. Restore the body with the ancient art of crystal medicine, work with the chakras, and relieve mental and emotional stress. Safeguard your space and aura; turn stones into talismans and amulets, and perform crystal divination. Find the right crystal for increasing self-worth and intuition, recalling a past life, or even contacting the angelic realms.


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